Foundations in Teaching

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Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession ---    This class is designed for students who have a desire to work in careers involving young children and their families. Students will learn to provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment that will allow children to explore and develop their natural curiosity and imagination. 

Early childhood development, health, safety, guidance, nutrition, lesson plans, and activities will all be covered in this course. During this course, students will work in the Small World Preschool in order to apply concepts learned in the classroom and to obtain child contact hours needed to take the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification assessment. The second year of this program is designed to prepare students to take the written and oral Child Development Associate (CDA) assessments and/or to continue to pursue Early Childhood Education training at the postsecondary level. 


  • Creative Experiences Curriculum Notebook
  • Preschool Curriculum Planning
  • Birth Defects Information and Prevention Brochures
  • Preschool Floorplan Project
  • Children’s Book Writing Project


  • Microsoft Word
  • Floor Planner online software
  • Storybird online book creating program
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Laminator
  • Die-cut machine


Child Development Associate (CDA)
The CDA is a nationally recognized entry level credential in the field of Early Childhood Education. It is issued by the Council for Professional Recognition. 

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Pre-Professional Certification (AAFCS)
The Early Childhood Education assessment and certification will address a skill set necessary for success in early childhood education which is one of the fastest growing programs that is reporting employment growth. It is anticipated that this assessment and certification will be targeted for individuals preparing for careers related to early childhood education, such as those associated with: 

  • child care,
  • teaching,
  • community-based children's programs,
  • social services or counseling for children, and
  • after-school programs.


Students enrolled in the Foundations in Teaching program often pursue careers in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Pediatric Nursing, Pediatrics, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, and Child Psychology. 

Alumni of the program have gone on to attend:


There are many possible career choices for those interested in working with young children. Some examples of the options are: 

  • Head Start Teacher - $29,874
  • Preschool Director - $40,223
  • Child Care Center Director - $41,163
  • Special Education Teacher - $44,273
  • Elementary School Teacher - $43,638
  • Speech Pathologist - $58,958
  • Pediatric Nurse - $16.40 - $37.97/Hour
  • Pediatrician - $139,046
  • Social Worker - $41,662

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